The Sun's Gone Down -

I was compelled to write
this song after seeing a
documentary on 20/20 about
a little girl and her illness.
It's quite sad that she is actually
allergic to the sun light, and medical
science has not been afforded the
estimated half million dollars it
said would be needed to find a cure.
The scientist say they are quite sure
they could have a cure within a year of
researching the illness.

The government says not enough people are
affected by the illness to fund the research.
Now that breaks my heart.

Through some internet research the family found
literally hundreds of kids stricken with this
illness, and began a night camp for the children
so that they could interact with others with the
same ailment.

I was once told be a critique of this lyric, that
it would be a great song to bring attention to depression.
I'm sure, though they must adjust, and they must learn to
enjoy life amidst the cover of the night sky, depression
must play a big part in their lives.

I always said, if this song ever amounted to anything,
and earned the profits to do so, they'd have that money.