Rockin' His Time Away -

This is a song that began as a joke song,
in an effort to entertain my kids;
I was adlibbing a funny little song
about a monkey in a rocking chair.
The kids were rolling in the floor,
I was having fun, and nobody was crying.
I liked the rhythm and the concept, so
I simply got serious with the idea,
and with time, this song has come to life.

I added the 4th verse after my wifes grandmother
passed away. I sang this song to her, 2 or 3 days
before the Lord called her home.
She was beside herself, And I did'nt have to think
about what was going through her mind.

Now, after loosing my beautiful wife of 25 years,
and my precious 2 youngest daughters, I find myself
without a desire to, or the will to live. I only
cry, and pray for death. I have no hope for this life
that I once loved and cherished.

Rockin' His Time Away