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Rockin' His Time Away
 "ROCKIN' HIS TIME AWAY"  98-2001, 2002-2014

Sad lookin' old man,sit'n on his porch;
Rockin' his time away. 
His mind once filled, with thoughts and dreames.
Now he just sits in a daze. 
He's lost everything, that he's ever loved;
Now he just waits on the Lord to take his pain away.
Same old man sitin' on his porch.
And there on his face, is a smile.
Was it all in his mind,was it all a dream.
Or did the Angel really come,
to bring news of his ending trial.
Empty old chair sittin' on that porch;
A painful smile comes to my face.
My mind once filled, with curiosity.
Now I just stare in a daze.
He'd lost everything, that he'd ever loved.
But he no longer waits on the Lord, to take his pain away.
Spirit of the old man, smilin' upon them clouds.
He's once again with his wife.
Lookin' down on us, yea you and me,
wanting us to make the most of this life.
They cry when we cry, and smile when we laugh,
and hope for the best in our lives...
Written By : Timothy S. Martin  
pka : T.J. James
Written :  01 / 29 / 98