Option - One." The poor mans copyright."

Take a dated copy of your lyric;
(the date being the date it was origanally written.)
Go to the post office and Mail it to your self :
via - "Certified-Registered" mail.
"Certified"- because your getting a recognized body of the government,
Certifying a date that they handled the material.
And as well it be:"Registered"-,
because it insures that your material is always on the custody of
a government employee,that must sign for the reception of your material,
and is soley responsible for the security of the contents,
and it's delivery,without the contents being mismanaged in any way.

And let me tell you that this method , called the "Poor Mans-Copyright",
is binding and legal, in any US.court.(As long as you don't open it.- EVER.)
Unless it's needed in court.
Then a judge can open it and legally reseal it.
You can save yourself some headaches,
by "Bulk" mailing multiple songs , in one package.
(Just keep an index file somewhere;
so you'll know, without a doubt,
which lyrics are in the package.)

But if you're still not comfortable:
Option - Two.

Here's a link to the Copyright office at "The US Library of Congress",
which can provide you with, the "Formal", Copyright forms,for The U.S.,
and International Copyrights.


As I mentioned bulk mailing your copyrights through the postal service.
You can - as well, bulk copyright through the Library of congress.
And considering that it's like $30 - $35 bucks, per copyright.
It only makes "CENTS", to copyright in bulk.
It's just short of 30 "Lyrics",that you are allowed to put under one copyright.
But they must all be copyrighted, under "ONE TITLE".
Like the title of an album,"CD"-,
all sub-titles of individual songs are recognized under the album title.
And, thus are equally protected under the copyright laws.

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