The first thing you need to keep in mind, is; You've got to be differant.
Some-how, some-way; Something has got to stand out -, about YOU.
Rather it be your vocals, your instrument style, your lyric approach,
your character (look, attitude, etc.).

But, since it's about the music industry;
let's keep our focus on MUSIC.
When you "KNOW", you're that good.
Keep that in the fore-thought of your mind.
But, remember-, not everyone is going to like you, or your sound,
or your lyrics, or your attitude, etc.
But that's OK.

You need to target differant formats;
(country, country-rock, rock, pop, gospel, bluegrass, r&b,
or what-ever), and find which group of people, responds the best,
when it comes to your over-all performance.
Once you find this out, (your target audiance);
your performances WILL get better;
because of the confidence boost, that you WILL get,
from KNOWING that "They Like You".
And you're not just up there, trying to do your best;
hoping- that they will like you.

OK- That's the first step in getting your name out there.

As for approaching the major labels:
Some will except a tape.
But most, "will not", except demos, on a tapes anymore.
Really. They do prefer a CD.
Because they can just punch in the track that they want to listen to,
with out having to "forward & reverse", through the tape.
So send CD's.

Alright. Heed this warning.
Only send a CD with "no-more" than 3 tracks (songs) on it.
And make sure you put what you think, (or feel),
is your absolute best, 1st- on the CD.
You may be given 1 minute of an A&R's time.
You want to make the most of that "ONE MINUTE-SHOT",
and grab his/her attention, and make them want to hear more of you.
But, before you just send a plain jane CD, like most people do.
You need to know that; "most people just send "plain jane" CD's".
They mis-lead their selves, into thinking that,
"it's only their music, that matters".

That being the case.
You need to send an attractive "Package".
Go all out; if a deal is what you want.
It "IS"- YOU, that must invest in your music career.
And if you're not willing to spend money on your music...
Why should any-body else put faith, let alone- money,
into your music career.

I have graced the company, of many of the businesses
greatest- established artist.
Speaking in detail with many, about the business aspect, of a music career.
That's- aside from being a published Singer/Songwriter, myself.

About your "Package":
1:Your CD; "limited to 3 songs, per CD- per package.
(note):Invest in a CD label software program,
and design and print an attractive label for your CD.
(just don't make it too loud, don't want to hurt someones eyes, looking at it.
Because you want to look as professional as possible.
Your package- represents "You". It "is", a presentation, of yourself.)
2:Title your CD: (even if it's "From the CD of- *Whatever*)
3:Title your songs/tracks, in numbered order. 4:An appealing picture of yourself.
(Keep in mind; if you've got it, flaunt it.
But, in a respectable way.)
Invest in some "professional" pictures, to include in you package.
5:Include a Bio. about yourself.
(influences, how long playing, singing, goals in the business,
which kind of audiance,"genre, age-group, etc.",
you feel is your target audiance, etc.)
And be sure to limit it to no-more, than one page.
If they want to know any more about you; they'll ask.
6:"The Package".
Do your best, to address the package to a specific person.
If you can't get an execs name or an A&R's name;
Be sure to address it to;
"which ever record company"
"A&R Dept"
"for- specific artist"
(if, what you want to do,
is submit your song to a specific artist,
with that perticular label)

As for the package.
There is an awful lot of beige shipping packages,
sent to the major labels, sitting on someones desk.
Find a differant color.
"red, teal-green, blue, stripped, poca-dotted"
Something that will get the persons attention,
even if it's in the middle, or the bottom of the stack.
"It is human nature, to grab- what attracts you.
Not what's on top, and easiest to get."
I hope I've been of some help to you.

If you need information on copyrights;
then please visit the main page,
and follow the link for copyrights.
See y'all, at the top.
T.J. James