Singer / Songwriter - T.J. James (BMI)

Born Timothy Martin, a North Augusta, SC resident for most of my life. Began writing poems, short stories and lyrics at 12. Writing was influenced by the coarse actions of my 7th grade teacher, A. McClain. She accused me of plagiarism on a short story I had genuinely written.

I was suppose to take a picture to school one day and write a short story about the picture, for a creative writing grade. I got to class, time to begin, and dang, I realized I left my picture at home. So, I made a picture in my mind and wrote about that - picture.

I was never first to finish anything in class, but I finished my story second that day. Mrs. McClain was shocked. She took it, I started to walk away, and she told me to stay at the desk while she read it. 'OK... She stated, "Tim, this is really good," I thanked her, then she said, "the only problem is, I've read this before." I told her she couldn't have because I just wrote it. She proclaimed, "you copied this straight out of a book, and I know you did." I advised her that there was no book in my desk with that story, and then - bang! She wanted to see my picture. Uh Oooh! I told her I forgot it at home, then she said, "if you forgot it at home, how could you write a story about the picture?" I told her the picture was in my mind, so I could still write about it. She told me that I didn't have the ability to do that, and she knows she's read it before, and was going to go to the library and find it. In the mean time, I was given an, "f" and was threatened with suspention when she finds the book.

I humor myself at times, wondering if she has ever quit looking for a - non existing book.

First guitar given to me when I was only 4. Seriously began learning the guitar at 13, and thus, composed my first song at that time as well.

I'm a new GrandPa!
My first and only Grand Child, <br>a grand-daughter, Kinley Sky.
TJ.James With Paul Brandt TJ.James with Michael Peterson on the right With Chely Wright,Amanda Wilkinson
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This is my favorite.
*Chasin My American Dream*

The title says it all... And this is one HOT!!! song.
Chasin My American Dream None needed

You will love this one.
The Suns Gone Down

I wrote this one night when I saw a documentary about
a little girl that was allergic to the sun. It turns
out, her parents started an organization, and discovered
many more people with the same health problem.

TheSunsGoneDown Here!

International debute single.
A Little After 2:00

Tribute to a murdered Friend - Michael Gregory.

A Little After 2:00


40 Can't Pay The Bills For Me

When 40 hours a week just ain't enough. Do I need to say more?


40 Can't Pay The Bills For Me

None needed
Blowin' You A Kiss
This song was actually influenced by comments made by
the family of Michael Gregory, when I performed
acoustically for them, a year after A Little After 2:00
was produced and released.

Blowin' You A Kiss Here!
American Blood
911 Tribute

American Blood Here!
You Denied I Was Yours
I wrote this one night after
I got home from my fathers.
You Denied I Was Yours Here!
Rockin' His Time Away
This song had no meaning when I wrote it,
but it has come to life many times over the years.
And now, it has very personal meaning to me, since I have lost
my wife and two youngest daughters. What man would desire such a life?

Rockin' His Time Away Here!